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Adam Harrison, played by David Duchovny, is the main antagonist of the fantasy horror film The Craft: Legacy 2020, being a reboot / sequel to the 1996 film The Craft.



Adam first appears when welcoming his new wife Helen Schechner and her teenage daughter Lily . He tries to be friendly to the girl, taking a family selfie with them, despite Lily's evident discomfort at that. They enter the house and Adam introduces his children: Isaiah, Jacob and Abe. After Lily meets the witch girls Tabby, Frankie and Lourdes and enters their magic coven , Adam is seen having a family barbecue, where this one of his children around the barbecue accesses under Lily's watchful eye. Adam learns that she used her power to attack Timmy. He scolds her and it creates a friction with Helen .

Later, Lily discovers his authoritarian style with Abe, where they both hear an argument between Adam and Helen. With a Personality Spell cast by the coven, Timmy becomes a more sensitive and easy-to-follow person. The boy ends up revealing to Lily that he already made love to Isaiah. Lily takes his sweatshirt to create a Love Spell on Timmy and they kiss. The next day, it is revealed that Timmy committed suicide, causing a deep sadness in Lily who swears never to use her magic again.

Overnight, Lily learns that Adam is having a strange meeting with his children and other men with a sexist speech, comforting Isaiah in the process. Lily alerts her mother and asks them to run away from the house, but Helen refuses. In search of proving that Adam is a dangerous man, she investigates her office only to find a document that reveals that she is adopted and is the daughter of a Helen patient. After Timmy is buried, Lily has a conversation with her mother outside the chapel. Helen says that she knows about her daughter's powers and that she needs Lily to hand them over to her for safety, generating suspicions on the part of her daughter. Helen reveals to be a cover for Adam, discovering to be a pagan wizard. He takes Lily into the forest after subjugating her, saying he was responsible for Timmy's death and makes a sexist speech again.

When Adam tries to attack Lily, the coven appears and manipulates time to freeze him, saving Lily. However, Adam is resistant to this spell and breaks it. After a battle with the coven, he takes them down one by one using telekinesis. Lily reveals that he needs her, where the coven member house is at its cardinal point: East, West, South and North. Adam is contained in a circle of fire and wind, being burned to death for Lily's enjoyment.


" I want to talk today about weakness. Because when one of us is weak, all of us are weak. But how do we alchemize weakness into sovereign power? How do we eliminate the weakest among us so that the strongest can thrive?"
—Adam in the cult

Adam is a calculating person, who spares no effort to get what he wants. His ambition for power led him to trick Helen into falling in love with him to have Lily close to his plans. He found himself waiting for the right moment to destabilize Lily by killing Timmy, her loving predecessor, giving Adam an emotional advantage to steal the powers of his witch stepdaughter.

Adam can be manipulative when he wants to. Adam proved to be a skilled deceiver in disguising his true intentions behind false displays of affection aimed at Lily and Helen .He used his powers to disguise himself as Lily's mother, to persuade her to surrender her gifts to him. He proved himself capable of deceiving everyone around him to take advantage of it.Even when the truth comes out, he is unmoved by this and shows himself to be a violent person, putting himself to knock out Lily after his good stepfather appearance falls.

Scornfully viewing the opposite sex as the weakest, he demonstrates superiority to Lily and her friends. He doesn't mind taking lives, as he mentioned being willing to eliminate the weak to make the strong. Adam proved not to be affected by the magic of the coven cast on him in the final battle, seeing himself as more powerful than them. However, his arrogance proved to be his weak point in leaving the members of the coven willing in their respective cardinal points, sending him to his death in the process.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Adam exhibits a high degree of knowledge around pagan culture and its occultism. He, being a skilled and powerful warlock, was able to perform incredible feats to deter Lily and attack his clan.


  • Helen Schechner

Adam has a close relationship with Helen, which resulted in the Schechners moving into his house, something he wanted to seize Lily's power secretly. Adam, at first, appears to be a sensitive and loving companion next to Helen, but this is interrupted by his constant obsession with taking his stepdaughter's magic, generating a conflict with Helen. It is most likely the relationship with her was only a facade to reach Lily without arousing suspicion, not having a real attraction for Helen.

  • Lily Schechner

Adam at first, he tries to approach her by being friendly and funny, but Lily was always uncomfortable with her mother's relationship with him. Maintaining a friendly and benign stepfather appearance, Adam hides his real intentions with his pagan cult. Having no affection for her, he was willing to attack and even kill her if it was necessary to reach her magical talents. It also conveys a certain disdain and superiority over the opposite sex, which includes Lily.


"...Uh-oh. Those don't seem to be working anymore, thanks to your so-called friends. See, that's the thing about girls with power, Lily--they're always too weak not to use it against each other."
—Adam after Lily failed to use her magic against him.
" It has been so painful, you can’t imagine, to watch you understand that you were different and not know why. Now you can see why your difference is dangerous. But I need you to say it with me, Lily. "In the name of Manon, I give you my power." You can trust me. I’m your mother."
—Adam disguised as Helen trying to trick Lily .
" I saw you checking out the old family crest, huh? It’s actually pretty cool. These go back centuries. You know, snakes are usually considered scary, or dangerous. But actually, in pagan culture, they were symbols of rebirth."
—to Lily


The origin of the cult that Adam leads is not specified.

Adam true nature is unknown.

Adam relationship with Manon is unknown.

Adam origin power is unknown.