The healing spell is a spell used by Sarah Bailey on Bonnie in a deleted scene to rid her of her burn scars on her back and neck. The spell was successful as Bonnie's scars spontaneously disappeared.

Nancy is also seen performing a healing ritual upon Bonnie's scars whilst Sarah braids Laura's hair into Rochelle's.



  • Sage incense
  • Water
  • An injured/sick/unhealthy person


  • Light the sage incense
  • Dip the tip of the sage incense in a cup of water.
  • As the spellcaster is reciting the words, they begin to move their hands above the wound of the person.


"Goddess of healing, let it begin,

Healing without, and healing within,

Healing her spirit,

Healing her skin.

Goddess of healing, let it begin.”

(Repeat several times)

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