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Helen Schechner is a psychologist and the adoptive mother of Lily Schechner and the former doctor of Nancy Downs in The Craft: Legacy.

Helen is portrayed by Michelle Monaghan.



After her adoptive daughter Lily was born to a powerful witch Nancy Downs during her confinement in a psych ward, Nancy gives Lily to Helen in order to protect her for forces, who are after her for her powers. During the film, it was later implied that Nancy was sexually assaulted during her confinement, which leaves her traumatized to the point that she later learns that her assault was resulted in her becoming pregnant and later after giving birth to her daughter Lily, during which she wants to protect her daughter from forces who are after her and her daughter for their powers, so she gave her to Helen, who was Nancy's doctor, so she could teach her good morals and never learn where she came from.

The Craft: Legacy

In The Craft Legacy,


Physical Appearance

Helen has long brown hair and blue eyes.


Lily Schechner

Lily is Helen's adoptive daughter.

Nancy Downs

Nancy is Helen's patient.

Adam Harrison

Adam is Helen's boyfriend and a dangerous warlock, who is attempting to steal Lily's powers.

Powers and Abilities