Jenny is Sarah Bailey's stepmother and Mr. Bailey's second wife. She is a minor character in The Craft and was portrayed by Jeanine Jackson.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about Jenny. Some time after his first wife passed away, Jenny married Mr. Bailey, becoming the stepmother of his daughter, Sarah. Jenny recently moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles with her family.

The Craft[edit | edit source]

Jenny has a very small role in the film. She is really only seen at the beginning, when she is moving into her new home with her family. Sarah and Jenny appear to have an amicable relationship. During the film's climax, when Sarah arrives home to an empty house and is tricked by Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie into believing that Jenny was involved in a plane crash, Sarah appears distraught and asks after her, implying she cares about Jenny's well-being. Jenny's absence suggests she went out with Mr. Bailey to look for Sarah, demonstrating that Jenny appears to care for her stepdaughter as well.

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