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Laura Lizzie is a racist girl who victimizes Rochelle and exhibits contempt for Sarah. After she pushes Rochelle too far, Rochelle casts a spell on her, causing her to develop alopecia.

She is portrayed by Christine Taylor.


Laura comes across as being very cruel, shallow and self-centered. She is implied to come from a wealthy family and seems to feel this makes her superior to others. She often mocks or bullies unpopular girls, targeting Rochelle in particular. She is racist towards black people and openly expresses racist views and terms, apparently feeling no shame in this. Laura derives sadistic pleasure from bullying and humiliating others, and will do so with little to no provocation.

Laura is also two-faced; she was initially friendly and welcoming towards Sarah, but after Chris spreads sexual rumours about her, she quickly turns on her, laughing at her and spreading the gossip with her friends. After her hair begins falling out due to Rochelle's spell, Laura is very humiliated and anguished. After becoming almost completely bald, she suffers an emotional breakdown, curling up in the shower and sobbing hysterically.

This seems to trigger a drastic change in Laura, greatly humbling her and making her less arrogant. At the party, she is cordial towards Rochelle and even seems somewhat awkward, suggesting that she may be starting to realise the error of her ways and treat other people with more respect.


"Stupid bitch!"
—Laura to Sarah after Sarah pulls a single hair from her head
"Oh God, look, there is a pubic hair in my brush! Oh no wait, wait. That's just one of Rochelle's little nappy hairs. "
—Laura bullying Rochelle
"Why are you doing this to me, Laura? Do you think you're funny?"
"You really wanna know why?"
"Yes, I really wanna know why."
"Because I don't like negroids. Sorry!
—Laura to Rochelle when Rochelle confronts her about the bullying