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Lirio Santana is a powerful witch who was born and raised in the city of Valencia on the southeastern coast of Spain. At some point in her life, Lirio relocated to the United States, where she discovered an abandoned temple in Los Angeles, California that was built atop of an ancient burial ground that was infused with sacred energies. Understanding the power of the temple, Lirio purchased the property and converted the structure into a multi-use apartment with an occult shop as the base and with the temple still intact, but obstructed from trespassers.


The Craft

Nancy Downs, Bonnie and Rochelle are frequent visitors to Lirio's store, although they usually steal supplies rather than pay for them. Lirio has apparently noticed this, and is therefore pleasantly surprised when Sarah first visits her shop and chooses to pay for her items. Lirio stops Sarah from going behind the curtain to her private sanctuary, stating "That's not for you". She senses Sarah's power and also correctly deduces that Sarah's ring belonged to her mother. She is the first to suggest that Sarah could be a natural witch; she also deduces that Sarah's mother was a natural witch herself, but does not reveal this to Sarah until late in the film.

Lirio offers Sarah advice on witchcraft and also gives her a book titled "Beginner's Guide to the Craft". She later tries to dissuade Nancy from buying the book "Invocation of the Spirit", saying it is dangerous for an inexperienced witch, and also perhaps sensing Nancy's instability and lust for power. However, Nancy brushes off her warnings.

When her coven turns on her, Sarah goes to Lirio for help. Lirio supports Sarah, telling her that she has a light inside her "stronger than she's ever known" and that her mother's spirit watches over her. Lirio finally shows her the sanctuary, which she reveals was built on a place of great magical energy. She attempts to help Sarah to invoke Manon in order to stand up to the other girls, but Sarah ends up being frightened by a glamour of the shop exploding, and runs away in terror, whilst Lirio begs her to return. Sarah later does heed Lirio's words and is able to invoke Manon, defeating Bonnie, Rochelle, and Nancy, and binding their powers.

Sarah presumably remains good friends with Lirio after the events of the film.


Lirio is shown to be a kind, patient, truly wise, and extremely knowledgeable woman with a heartfelt respect for the laws of magic. Though she tried to steer the girls away from using their magic for dark or selfish purposes, it seemed that she still ultimately allowed them to make their own choices, probably believing they needed to learn from their own mistakes and face the consequences of their actions.

However, Lirio did take on an almost maternal role towards Sarah, who was the only one of the girls who truly listened to her advice: she sensed Sarah's natural potential from the start, and grew to care for her well-being, going as far as to trying to help her overcome her insecurities and tap into her full power.

Physical Appearance

Lirio is a fair-skinned woman in her thirties with long dark hair and almond-brown eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Though it was never revealed as to whether or not Lirio is a natural witch, she was still shown to be a powerful, intuitive, and extremely knowledgeable witch in her own right. Examples of witchcraft powers that were either indicated or hinted to be possessed by her include:

  • Psychometry: From her first meeting with Sarah, Lirio was able to tell that Sarah's ring had been her late mother's, and was even able to sense that Sarah was a natural witch whose powers came from within.
  • Pyrokinesis: When Lirio blew into a candle, many others lit up by themselves.
  • Invocation: Lirio tried to guide Sarah in invoking the Spirit with her to defeat Nancy.
  • Knowledge of the Craft: Lirio was shown to be the most knowledgeable witch in the film, offering excellent advice to Sarah and her friends, though Sarah is the only one who takes them to heart. For example, she disabuses Sarah of the notion that magic has a colour or morality, and proceeds to warn her and her friends of the Wiccan Rule of Three ("whatever you send out there, you get back times three"). She also tried to warn Nancy about invoking the Spirit as it could be very dangerous for an inexperienced practitioner, but Nancy rebuffed her.



  • It can be assumed Lirio is originally from Spain, as she speaks with a Spanish accent. Assumpta Serna, the actress who portrays her, is also from Spain.
  • It is unknown if Lirio is a Common witch or a Cradle witch.