"Perhaps you are a Natural witch? Your power comes from within."

- Lirio to Sarah

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey; a Natural witch

A Natural Witch (also known as a Cradle Witch) is defined as any person who is born with a natural affinity with the psionic energies of the Universe. Not much is known about these witches other than the fact that they appear to obtain their power from biological development as opposed to meditative exercises or divine intervention. According to a Wiccan named Lirio, Cradle witches are superior to Common witches in the respect that a Natural witch will come into their power much easier and faster than a Practical witch who is required to dedicate years of their life to daily affirmations and meditation as a means to accumulate an adequate amount of supernatural power.

Furthermore, while some Naturals, such as Sarah Bailey, have been known to inherit their psychic powers from one or more parental bloodlines, it has been implied that some Naturals are born from entirely normal families and are simply the first witches to evolve into their lineage.

The powers of a Natural witch are expected to manifest at some point around puberty, however, it is not impossible for an early bloomer to manifest powers prior to adolescence or even for a late bloomer to manifest powers after adulthood. However, these individuals are incredibly rare as more than half of all Natural witches are reported to have come into their powers between the ages of twelve and twenty.

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  • Due to the fact that Sarah Bailey was unaware that her biological mother was also a witch, it is implied that some Natural witches are born at random and to completely normal parents, as Sarah initially believed that she was the only witch within her family.
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