Ray Saunders is a minor character in The Craft. He is the second husband of Grace Downs-Saunders and Nancy Downs's step-father. He was killed by Nancy after she cast a spell to be more powerful and he threatened her mother.

Biography Edit

Ray was the second husband of Grace Downs. He is a slovenly alcoholic. He is apparently irresponsible and can be bad-tempered and violent. He physically abuses his wife on at least one occasion and he also makes inappropriate, sexual remarks towards Nancy.

Despite his poor treatment towards them, he had managed to obtain a large insurance policy through his job which went to Grace and Nancy after his death - it was not shown whether this was simply automatic as Grace is legally his next of kin, or he sent it up that way on purpose. One night, Ray attempted to hit Grace after she playfully smacked him, sparking off his vicious temper. Nancy ran to her mother's defense, screaming for Ray to stop and causing the microwave to blow up with her power. Sick of Ray's abusive behaviour, Nancy used her newly-acquired magic to cause Ray to have a heart attack and suffer cardiac arrest. Ray was taken to hospital, but the paramedics were unable to revive him and he died. Nancy expressed no real remorse at his death; Grace seemed upset, but quickly got over Ray's passing when she discovered the huge sum of money - $175,000 - his life insurance provided them with, allowing them to have a better life.


Ray is shown to be rather slovenly, irresponsible and lazy. He also has a very short temper and can be very aggressive when angered, blowing up at the slightest thing. He seems to make very inappropriate, sexual comments towards Nancy and is abusive towards to Nancy's mother, apparently feeling little remorse. Ray has a drinking problem which may have contributed to his horrible behavior.


  • He was the first person Nancy killed (unless The Vagrant, whom she caused to be hit by a car died of his injuries, which would make him the second person she killed. However, as the other girls had a hand in the homeless man's accident, then Ray is the first person Nancy killed single-handedly).
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