This is the official The Craft Wiki general rule page. This is to explain the common rules most wikis have, along with our other rules. Please read this before doing any editing or posting media, comments, etc.

This policy is adapted from the Orange is the New Black general rules.


  1. DO NOT post anything that has no relation to The Craft.
  2. Only add information that is valid. If you are unsure about something, talk to an admin, or create a blog post.
  3. Please do not post anything in the article body that is bias. (example: Nancy is a psychopath, Laura Lizzie is a cow, etc.). Yes, everyone has an opinion, but this is an informational website. Express your opinion in a comment, a blog post, or the forum.
  4. Follow the Layout Guide and Category Policy (coming soon). Do not create new categories without admin approval. Suggestions or objections? Talk to an admin.
  5. DO NOT edit someone else's userpage without their consent.


  1. As said before, leave opinions in the comments.
  2. Please speak respectfully to other users. No harassing, threatening or insulting others.
  3. DO NOT post any vulgar content. Swearing is allowed to a certain extent.

Adding Pictures

  1. Check to make sure the picture has not already been posted.
  2. Label the photo correctly by adding the character and topic (ex: Sarah.jpg, Lirio's shop.png) or, for cast/crew pictures, the full name (ex:Rachel True.jpg). It is your responsibilty to rename photos before you upload them.
  3. Make sure you use the proper license when you upload a photo.


Bannings/Blockings are determined by the admins - a blocking policy will be created soon. 


If you would like to become an admin, you must have...

  1. At least 50 edits.
  2. Edited on the wiki consistently for more than a month.
  3. Knowledge about The Craft movie.
  4. A little bit of knowledge of how wikis work.

Experience in adminship is not required but can help a lot. Interested? Message Ruby Doomsday.

How to Help

  1. Check out this page, which has a list of everything under construction/needing help.
  2. Add cast and crew information.
  3. Create galleries for places and characters.
  4. Ask an admin!
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