The Vagrant is an unnamed homeless man, who follows Sarah Bailey around after she arrives at her new home. He is portrayed by Arthur Senzy.


When Sarah had newly arrived in her home in Los Angeles, the vagrant entered her home and asked Sarah if she wanted a snake that he was holding. Frightened, Sarah called for her father, and he came down and used a fireplace poker to defend Sarah, scaring the vagrant out of the house and killing the snake. Later, Sarah encounters the vagrant again in the streets, alongside Nancy Downs, Rochelle, and Bonnie.

He tries to approach her, saying he had dreamt about her and refusing to let her be when she ignores him. When Sarah began to run away, he followed her, shouting warnings of danger coming. As they ran across the road, the girls all willed/thought that he would be hit by a car and moments later, he is. The girls run off and we do not learn if the vagrant was killed in the accident, although the incident causes the girls to realise that by working together, they can truly work magic.


  • It is possible that the vagrant has some magical abilities himself and genuinely did dream of Sarah being in danger, though it's also possible he was simply mentally ill. If he did have real powers, he may have been a natural witch.


"I found this out back, you want it?"
—The Vagrant, upon entering Sarah's house uninvited with a snake
"I saw you in a dream! In my dream you were dead! I'm talking to you!"
—The Vagrant, chasing Sarah through the streets
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